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I have 2  birth packages, depending on the level of service you require. 

My popular package  (which the majority of clients book) includes 2 ante-natal meetings and one post natal meeting.  I will be on call from 10 days before your due date to whenever you have the baby. I also, as standard, am available for phone and email support for the first 6 weeks after your birth.  My enhanced package has in addition to the popular package has an 'on call' period from 14 days before your due date, 3 antenatal meetings and the option of a whole day birth prep.

I can also provide information sheets, AIMS booklets and have a library of books you can borrow, whichever package you choose. Please call me for availability and prices. 
The fee  is split into a 50% deposit payable at the point of booking (non refundable) and 50% payable at the beginning of my on-call period (10 days or 2 weeks before your due date).
Both packages include, as a minimum, me coming to visit you twice after the initial meeting / interview to discuss all things pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond related. I will be on call from c 38 - 42 weeks of your pregnancy (and before or after if you are very early or late!) I will come to you in labour from whenever you want  me and stay until your baby is born and in the time afterwards, until you are settled, happy and comfortable to be left. I set no time limits on visits, labour support or beyond. ( Please bear in mind for this fee I can be with you 24/7 until your baby arrives. My longest labour to date is 84 hours and I did not leave my clients as they requested I stay the whole time). If you have a hospital birth I will come and visit there, then will come to you once you are home for a formal post-natal visit to discuss the birth, and all matters related to your baby, feeding etc.
If you want to see me more this can be organised by arrangement for a fee of £18 per hour.
The only cost on top is petrol and parking expenses.
Post-natal - I charge per hour.. I am very flexible as to hours and number of days a week. Until you meet your baby you might not know how much help you need!
Nights/ Nanny nanny - If you feel you need extra support at night either as an occasional treat or emergency or for a planned period of time,  I charge per hour usually 9pm - 7am but can be arranged on an individual basis.
If you are an experienced mother and would like to miss out the antenatal meetings, the birth package fee is negotiable.