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If you are looking at my site, you are probably pregnant or have just had a baby, in  which case huge congratulations to you and your partner.
 You are about to boldly go where no man  has gone before- literally! and I am here to help you during this journey       

"There is a power that comes to a women when they give birth. They don't ask for it, it simply invades them."          - A Wise Birth by Penny
Armstrong & Sheryl Feldman
What is a Doula? 
Doula is a Greek word for 'woman servant' or 'caregiver'.

 A doula . . . 
... is a trained labour and birth 'companion' who will stay with a woman throughout her labour in order to help make                the birth experience a positive and rewarding one.
... understands the physiology of birth and the extremely important emotional needs of a woman in labour. 
... will provide continuity and familiarity during an unfamiliar event. 
... will support your choices in labour regarding pain relief; it is your body!
... will not replace the woman's birth partner or midwife, she will work respectfully alongside them, as part of a team. 
... can enhance the understanding and communication between a labouring woman and medical staff.
... will ensure that you are not left alone during labour when you need support.
... does not advise, but encourages a mother-to-be to look at all her options: doulas 'mother the mother'.
... does not diagnose or treat medical conditions, perform clinical tasks, project her own opinion onto a labouring woman or make decisions for her or her partner.

                            Nurturing Birth