As a recognised birth doula, I will provide 2 antenatal visits for you to talk about your birth plan, the physiology of birth, what you want for you and your baby and discussion on issues such as pain relief, Vitamin K, positions for labour and much more.  I tailor the support I give precisely to my client’s needs and wishes, with a non-judgemental approach working towards your special day.

I will also be there on the phone 24/7 to help with any worries that you might come across, beginning 10 - 14 days before your due date and up until your new arrival makes its' entrance. Once your labour begins and I come to you (usually at your home, before you're ready to go in to the hospital). I remain with you during the birth (however long or short) and afterwards until you are settled and comfortable for me to leave. You may find it helpful for me to stay while you have a shower or bath and have fed the baby for the first time. I will also be there to reassure your partner that they are doing everything right!

My local hospitals are Stoke Mandeville - (10 mins), The John Radcliffe, Oxford - (20 mins), High Wycombe - (30 mins), Milton Keynes - (40 mins), and Watford General- (40 Mins). I have attended births at the QE2 in Welwyn and The Horton in Banbury and Wexham hospital nr Slough.. There are also many birthing centres within Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire I will go to, and I will consider travelling anywhere especially if you require support for a home birth, please ask.

 As a  post-natal doula, I offer post-natal support for anything up to 8 hours a day,up to 5  times a week, for between 4 to 8 weeks after the birth (flexible to suit and can be much longer especially with multiples). I am very fleixible though and as you won't know how much you need, until you meet your little one, I keep things very open. I will be there to help the transition into parenthood, helping with jobs around the house, and letting parents get that much-needed rest. This can include anything from looking after siblings so mum can get a sleep, helping establish feeding routines (breast or bottle) doing light housework, cooking, shopping, ironing, even walking the dog! (I don't clean my own oven so I won't do yours though!)

I am a great listener for 'baby blues' days - having been through more than 'baby blues' myself. I recognise that having someone to talk to can make everything seem more manageable. I have twins experience and have supported 35 sets since 2009.
Night Nannying
I am also available as a 'night nanny' especially for twins and single  parent families. It's amazing the difference it makes to get a good night's sleep! I can help with getting the baby into a nighttime routine too!